Quality Policy

Dawood contracting L.L.C to distinguish itself as the industry leader by providing superior, cost effective, and quality services to its customers. The quality management system is continually monitored and evaluated for its applicability, effectiveness and establishes quality objectives and opportunities for continual improvement through internal auditing, management review and review of performance trends.

To achieve the goal we will-
  • Identify our customer’s needs and supply to the agreed standard, every time.
  • Provide a safe working environment and ensure that the appropriate resources are assigned to working areas
  • Improve productivity through continuous improvement.
  • Ensure that the quality system is maintained and reviewed on regular basis.

The responsibility of quality is shared by all staff and management and is adopted as an integral part of everyday work.


DCC has upgraded QMS certification standard  as  ISO 9001:2015. DCC has attained one more milestone in quality management system.

Our goal is to continually improve and have an impact on quality in every step and process of our business.