Safety Approach

Dawood contracting aim is that of ZERO accidents & Incidents and are continuing the highest standards of Safety throughout the company and with all levels of its workforce and implementing future planning of safety by the continues training of all its workers with new methods of the safety industries.



It is the policy of Dawood Contracting LLC to provide a safe place of work for all of its employees by taking such reasonable steps as are necessary to eliminate hazards to health and potential causes of foreseeable accidents.

Therefore, a policy of participation will be pursued on all matters related to safety at work, the aim being to create a continually improving awareness of the obligations that all company employees have in achieving a reduction in the incidence of potential hazards to HSE.

Management is committed to:

  • Providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees
  • Providing adequate training for all employees at all levels to enable them to perform their duties safely and efficiently.
  • Providing safety devices and personal protective equipment and supervise their use
  • Providing a framework of joint consultation to promote HSE and systems of work
  • Providing a top level interest in HSE and welfare matters applicable to the company’s work activities
  • The staff or worker’s needs.
  • Promote within the company a sense of concern for the environment and be alert to the potential of creating environmental damage through our operations and by employees or sub-contractor actions
  • Actively review and update our policies and procedures to ensure their effectiveness in reducing risk to our employees

Employee Contribution: Employees will

  • Demonstrate commitment to achievement of company HSE objectives
  • Use and maintain safety equipment and clothing provided by the company
  • Promptly report incidents and near misses that could have lead to injury or damage
  • Actively participating in safety meetings and HSE training activities when required
  • Assist management in the investigation of accidents or incidents as required
  • Inform management when an environmental hazard or incident is identified and act on advice to rectify the hazard or supress an incident.